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Transformational Copywriting
& Graphic Design

for Holistic and Spiritual Healers

As a holistic healing practitioner,
you have a unique calling.

Your business is your passion.

You’re incredible at what you do.

And your clients get amazing results.


Whether you practice

  • Massage

  • Acupuncture

  • Ecotherapy

  • Plant medicine

  • Coaching

  • Astrology 

  • Hypnosis

  • Yoga

  • Crystal healing

  • Manifestation

  • or another holistic approach...

you spend your days helping others improve their lives.

It’s your dream job. And yet….

You’d love to serve more quality clients, earn more money, and have more free time. But it seems like an impossible task!


As a holistic healer, supporting clients is only part of your job.

As a business owner, you try to be a multi-tasking expert because you wear so. many. hats.

You probably feel like you're also a...

  • Sales Expert

  • Marketing Guru

  • Scheduler

  • Accountant

  • HR Manager

  • Insurance Specialist

  • ...and even Janitor (yes, it’s true!)


If you're like many lightworkers, you feel overwhelmed. It seems like there aren’t enough hours in a day to do it all. You wonder how you can find the time to grow your business while supporting your current clients.



I can help. 

I’m Heather, a professional freelance

copywriter + graphic designer.

I create copy, content marketing and graphic design 

that highlights you and your business.

I make it easier for your ideal clients to find you.


And I free up your time so you can get back to doing what you do best:

guiding others to their highest selves.

Benefits of Transformational Copywriting

So…what is copywriting?

Copywriting is more than traditional content. It’s writing that inspires readers to take action.


Copywriting is writing that sells.

Good copywriting encourages readers to

  • subscribe to your email list

  • download a brochure

  • schedule a consultation

  • or buy your products and services

Effective copywriting is the backbone

of successful businesses.


It’s interesting, informative, AND leads to higher engagement and sales. It converts your readers into clients and customers.

Because it’s based on human psychology, copywriting builds connection and trust with your audience. At the same time, it establishes you as an authority in your field.

I use professional copywriting and marketing techniques to educate your readers and build credibility. I help you stand out from the crowd, using clear and consistent messaging. Readers will understand exactly what you do and how you can help.


Education is the key to attracting clients

You solve problems for people. Your prospective clients want to know how you can help them. An informative, easy-to-understand website provides readers with the knowledge they need. Well-educated readers make the decision to work with you.

When your prospective clients understand things like:

  • what to expect from your services

  • how you can improve their lives

  • the time commitment required

  • the cost of sessions

their questions are answered and they feel comfortable taking the next step.

Email campaigns, monthly newsletters, and weekly blogs teach people even more about you and your practice. Each stream of information gives you another chance to connect with those who need you most.


The more content you have, the more exposure you’ll get. And more exposure = more clients.

Grow your business, make

more money and save time


Are you ready to increase your client base and expand your revenue?

Want to free up your valuable time to see clients instead of struggling with marketing?

If you’re ready to grow your business, increase your income and save time, the next step is simple. Click below to schedule your free consultation.

During our 20-minute call, we'll get a chance to meet each other and discuss your individualized goals.


We’ll talk about your ideal clients.

  • What are their problems?

  • How do your services help?

  • What makes you unique?

  • What makes your business amazing?

Whatever your goals, we’ll devise a plan to make them happen.


I’ll propose a few options and you can decide on the best fit for you and your budget.

Once we have a plan in place, I’ll get to work so you can get back to helping clients.

I’ll provide streamlined funnels of education that clients encounter at every step of their relationship with you.

And I’ll make sure my copy meets your unique needs.


Learn how to write an epic About Me page that lets your personality shine through. You'll build more trust and connections with your readers and attract your ideal clients!

blog posts

Topic-specific blog posts to increase visibility, authority & SEO.

Starting at $200 (1000 words)

case studies

Have happy clients? Share their success stories to gain new leads.

Starting at $400


Build relationships with your current & prospective clients.

Starting at $100 (per email)


Share tips, offers & information to increase value & loyalty.

Starting at $200 (per letter)

 A La Carte Services


Capture email addresses while building clients' trust & respect.

Starting at $500 (2500 words)

welcome packet

Infographic provides information + FAQs for new clients.

Starting at $250 per page


Creative landing pages, ebooks and social media posts for your content.

Priced per project


Create holistic healing courses to teach others your valuable skills.

Priced per project

When you work with me, I

  • Help you stand out as an authority in your field

  • Thoroughly research topics that connect with your audience

  • Write engaging + inspirational content to build trust

  • Use copy techniques that compel readers to take action

  • Pitch new article ideas to engage your followers

  • Provide clean + clear formatting

  • Increase website rankings through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Use captivating calls to action, turning readers into clients

  • Save you time + increase your revenue


My copy is always honest and straightforward. I truly want to help you connect with people you can help with your specialized services and expertise.

Because what you do is important. People need you—and the more your business thrives, the greater impact you can have on healing the world.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Schedule your free consultation today.



Megan Mug.jpeg

"I absolutely LOVE working with Heather! She always finds the right words to express exactly what I want to say. She goes the extra mile to truly understand what my brand needs to succeed and I couldn't be happier with the results! Thank you!" 

Heidi Mug.JPG

"When I need well-researched blogs for my natural health business, Heather is my go-to writer. She is organized, full of good ideas, and easy to work with. She has great industry insight and  her creative content has been a wonderful addition to my website." 

Holly Mug_edited.jpg

"Working with Heather is amazing. She helped me get clear about my target audience and then created marketing materials that speak their language. From start to finish, her innovative ideas sparked my creativity and took my new business to the next level!" 

Holly Mefferd

She Became Confident

Heidi Movall

Ivy & Twig

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